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  • Kate Howell

Welcome to My World

Well it's taken me forever and a day to finally get my website aired and I'm pleased to say it's finally here. Over the coming months I hope to share my own experiences with Spirit throughout my life that have lead me to this point today. It's been a long hard journey but one that I hope most of you will be able to understand and sympathize with. I have a very honest and straightforward approach to my Mediumship and don't do all the airy fairy stuff that at times I have come across in interactions with others. I don't read Christmas Cookies or tell you how to win the lottery and if anyone else says they can, RUN A MILE!

I am extremely passionate about how I work with the Spirit World and am very grateful to be able to connect and communicate with your loved ones, passed on. After all shouldn't they be given the respect that they deserve? they were real people that led real lives with real personalities and I believe that, should show through when they use my energy to communicate with their loved ones still living. I always strive to do them justice and provide evidence of life after life and look forward to you joining me on my continued journey. More experiences to come, but bye for now.

Love and Light

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