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Hi all,

I hope you're having a wonderful day or evening wherever you may be. Well this is the second chapter in addition to my first blog post and I hope that I can give you some insight into how I believe I started on my Spiritual quest. Over the next few weeks, I aim to give you all an inside look at how I began or should I say re-visited my Spiritual Journey. Although I always knew there was some kind of ethereal presence around me, I didn't really know how to connect to or access it and therefore just assumed that it was all in my imagination. As a small child I had several experiences, some of which were quite wonderful and others not so, however, I don't think that anything bad was happening or hanging around me, it was more my own fear because I was so young and didn't understand it all. I do remember one of my very first experiences of actually seeing spirit. I was about 4 years old and along with my Mum, we were visiting my Grandfather in Scotland. I was sharing a room with one of my Aunties and I remember waking up and seeing all of these really tall scary men looking down on me. The only way I can describe them was, they looked liked Soldiers from the British Redcoat days, all dressed in their Red and White uniforms with their guns and baronets by their sides. At the time it terrified me and all I could think of doing, was to get out of that room as quickly as I could and run and find my Mum to comfort me. I still to this day don't know for sure, why or what the meaning was for their visit, maybe it was for protection but at the time I do know that it frightened me to death.

Thankfully, not all my experiences were frightening, and I always felt like there was something around me that always protected me from harm, a natural sixth sense that seemed to warn me of danger and many times helped me to avert certain situations. The only way I can describe it is feeling like there was another world that lived in perfect alignment alongside our physical world, but I didn't know how to access it. During my childhood I saw things that others couldn't and felt things that I couldn't explain but I suppose my most profound memories are of the voices that I would hear inside my head.

I would merrily chat away to these voices and would often be chastised by my elders for talking to myself, but of course, I now know that the voices were from Spirit people, (I will call them that, because I never knew who they were, they would just talk to me and I would answer back). The voices never told me to do anything I didn't want to but rather helped me or gave me comfort, especially when I felt that I was alone. No one else could hear them of course, and I was often laughed at by my friends or told I would end up in the loony bin because people would think I was daft if I didn't stop talking to myself. So over time I just started to ignore the voices and filled my time with other things, and I suppose over time felt that they had just gone away. So I wonder how many of you have experienced the same thing? How many times do we ask a should I or Shouldn't I question out loud and seem to get an answer in our own mind? And worse still, how many times do we ignore the answer that we get and then find out down the road that we should have listened!! I know I have and boy have I kicked myself for it afterwards.

Learning to trust what we receive is the most difficult thing to do, because our left brain always interferes and talks us out of it. That logical side of ourselves that wants scientific proof or facts rather than allowing ourselves to throw caution to the wind and opening ourselves up to the wonderful world of possibilities that can be accessed in our higher consciousness.. Well that's another chapter and one I cannot wait to share with you all, but its getting late and I need to put my higher consciousness to sleep, so I will say bye for now and thank you for being part of my Spiritual Journey. See you all soon.

Love and Light always

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