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  • Kate Howell

It's that time of Year.

Hi All, it's been a little while since my last post so I thought I would sit down and write the latest chapter in my spiritual quest. I don't know about you, but as we draw close to the Christmas Holidays, this time of year always brings to mind the loved one's that I have lost. Especially my Dad. You might say, it should be easier for me, because after all, I can talk to those that have passed over. Even though the knowledge of that, comforts me, it still doesn't make up for the fact that he is not here physically. Christmas was always such a happy time in our household, full of merriment, laughter and fun. My Dad loved it as much as we all did and there was always a lot of noise, as well as singing in our house during the holidays. My Dad, would always encourage my Sister Sally and I to get out our guitars and we would all have a good old sing song, oh how I miss those times. So, might you ask, where am I going with this? Well, it brings me back to the time, just after my Dad passed away.

As you can imagine, if you have lost someone close to you, it's just an extremely miserable and sad time. I for one felt completely lost after my Dad died and it was hard to look forward to anything, let alone Christmas. However, it was about 2 months after his death in July and I was alone upstairs in the living quarters of the pub that my husband and I were running, and I felt like something was following me around, but as soon as I turned around to look behind me, there would be nothing there. At this time, I was still not in tune with my own abilities, nor could I communicate with whatever it was that made me feel I was being watched. I can't really explain what I felt, other than to say, that I just somehow knew that it was my Dad and that he was trying to reach out to me. I was at a loss, as to what to do, so after mentioning it to a friend of mine, she suggested that I go and see a Medium that she had been to, so after getting the information that I needed, I called and set up an appointment. When the day of my reading arrived, I went to her home and was not sure what to expect, however, I was welcomed by an older lady who for all intents and purposes looked as normal as you would expect. She explained how she worked and didn't ask me any questions. Not that I was going to answer any, anyways. I was the stereotypical sitter, who wanted to test the authenticity of the Medium, so there I sat, mouth shut, intently staring at this poor woman.

It wasn't long however, before my mouth dropped open, as she began to tell me, why I was there. "You are here to speak with your Father" she said, "he hasn't been in Spirit very long" she continued, well my interest was peaked. "he's been trying to make you aware of his presence, but he hasn't been able to get your attention". Immediately tears sprung to my eyes and I felt an overwhelming relief that, in fact, it had been my Dad, following me around my home. She went on to describe my home, and even told me about the picture I had of him, the room that I had it in and even the location on the wall. I was dumbfounded. She also told me that my Dad wasn't ready to communicate with me directly yet, because he was still healing from the pain he suffered during his illness and last days on the earth. She told me that, it's not the body that needs healing, but rather the soul, so hers as is mine now, the belief that when loved ones die under tragic or painful circumstances, their soul needs to come to terms with their passing and therefore needs healing. So you see, my Dad was just trying to search me out, to let me know that he was ok and no longer suffering. She also shocked me, when she announced that my Dad had 3 Grandchildren with him. She went on to say that these were my children. I told her that I didn't have any children so that wasn't possible and then she went on to tell me that these children had never touched the earth. I asked her what she meant and she said that these babies had never been born, it was then that I told her, I had lost 3 babies in the last 18 months before my Dad had passed and was told by the Doctor's that getting pregnant again would be very difficult. I can remember him saying to me, "I just want to live long enough to see you have a baby", both my Brother Paul and my Sister Sally had children, but unfortunately, it just didn't happen for me. I think my Dad, was as sad as me about it and often remarked that I should adopt if I couldn't have a child of my own. However, it was a great comfort to know that he was taking care of the children I had lost and that they were all together.

The reading went on for quite a while and although I truly felt better about my Dad's passing, I was not 100% convinced, maybe 99% but there was still that 1% that needed further validation. At the end of the reading she told me that my Dad had said that I would one day become a Medium like her. "Absolutely not" I retorted, the thought of it, thoroughly scared me to death, (no pun intended), and I could not see myself doing that. She just smiled at me and reassured me that she was only passing on information given to her and what I did with it was of my own free will. So after giving her a donation for the cats home that she sponsored, I thanked her and left with my thoughts in tow.

Well that reading was in the lead up to Christmas and after hearing what she told me, made it a little easier to cope. I'm not going to lie and say that the first Christmas without him was the same, it wasn't, it was horrible, but I did feel he was there with us. We shared a lot of memories that year, and a lot of tears but the show must go on as they say and it did, and to top it all, I received the best Christmas present ever, I found out that I was expecting our Son Jake, and although my husband and I were extremely nervous about the possibility of it all going wrong again, a little part of me just knew that my Dad was going to make sure that it all turned out ok, but that's another story. Doesn't it just make you thankful that Spirit are all powerful and can help us overcome our greatest obstacles. That's all for now, catch you next time.

Love and light.

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