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Well I think you know that my absolute passion in life is to connect with your loved ones in the Spirit World, being a Medium to me is second nature and has become part of my every day existence. I use my intuitive gifts in all aspects of my daily life and rely on my guides to assist me when I need answers to questions or guidance and direction. In fact, I am so passionate about Spirit, that I also love to teach other like minded souls how to embrace and develop their own abilities and up until recently ran weekly classes where I tutor Students. Currently this option is only available on-line due to an extremely busy work schedule. As well as Workshops and Private readings, I love to do Public demonstrations and Galleries where I try to reach as many people as I possibly can to let them know that their dearly departed loved ones are still with them and in so doing bring the comfort and closure that they seek to help them heal from the grief of losing the ones that they love. I absolutely love my job! and thank Spirit everyday for their love and understanding.

Public Demonstrations
Group Classes
Private Sittings
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