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Has it Really been that long!

Oh wow!, I can't believe that its been two years since I posted on my blog! I have been meaning to get around to it but you know how life just gets in the way. Well a lot has happened in the last two years, my Son got married to his lovely Wife, we started a new business, we are looking forward to planning my daughter's wedding and oh yes, did I forget to mention, we moved to Florida! So as you can imagine, its been pretty busy.

However, I have been getting a few, well more than a few nudges from Spirit to get my backside into gear and get my Spiritual work moving again. Spirit told me many years ago that I would have to wait until my Children were grown before I could devote myself to working for them on a regular basis, and although that hasn't happened yet, I can feel that time getting closer. However, as always, I let the Universe decide who needs me to help them and they in turn reach out when there is a need on their part. In fact, just recently, I was reading a post in a Group that I am in on Face Book, this was not a Spiritual Group just a good old fashioned discuss anything and everything group and one of the members happened to post about Mediums, asking if anyone in the Group had been to one, well as you can imagine there was a hive of activity with several members commenting that they had and most were really positive, I too chipped in with the comment "I am one", so on and on went the comments with a variety of different responses from "Yes, I loved it", "Yes, gave me comfort and closure", Yes, but didn't get to speak to who I wanted", "Yes, but not sure" and then this one comment, "Don't bother, save your money, they are all scam artists that research you before giving you a reading" etc. etc...

Well, as those of you that know me well and how passionate I am about Spirit, I didn't want this one Lady to just make this judgement without a response from Moi! So, very politely, I stated that I have never researched a client in my Life and in Fact! I also ask them not to give me any information whatsoever about themselves or their loved ones in Spirit because I prefer to know nothing. She of course retorted with Jokes like "well I've been to a large not a Medium", not very original but also, that if Mediums were real then they would all be Millionaires and should be able to cure cancer. See where I'm going with this? expecting us to give them the Lottery Numbers and prevent someone getting sick, well of course, I corrected her and said that she was obviously confusing a Medium with a Fortune Teller and that Mediums do not see into the future but rather pass on messages from Spirit loved ones about themselves, and the life they led and the relationship that they had with their loved ones still living, not lottery numbers or any other such ridiculous request, so the point I'm making is. that most people don't know the difference and that makes me really sad. She did end up asking, "well can a loved one tell you if they were murdered and the circumstances" to which I replied, "if your loved one is truly speaking to you from the other side, then yes they could tell you how they passed and sometimes how and/or who did it", this Lady, who I don't know, didn't comment any further, but I did go onto say that if she had had the misfortune to go to a so called Scam artist then I felt very bad for her because as you and I all know, there are some wonderful Mediums out there, working for Spirit and although I wouldn't call myself wonderful or put myself in the same category as them, I am, I believe, very genuine and love working for the Spirit world and can only hope that one day I get to give them the attention they deserve. Well on a brighter note, a lovely lady contacted me on the same thread to say she would love to have a reading with me, so not all bad.

Until next time my lovelies, no not two years but hopefully a little sooner.

Love and Light

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